What is E-Waste Management

On October 3, 2011, in E Waste Management, by Jitendra

E-waste is a new word for the kind of waste that the modern technological world generates. Waste has been a by product of civilization and is an inevitable by product of all modern and ancient forms of society. While prehistoric man might have lived in the forests and found ways to discard their wastes more naturally, with the building up of societies, wastes became more complex and elaborate methods had to be devised in order to collect the-waste of a collective society of human beings and find ways of disposing them away from the cleanliness and orderliness of society.

Today. the main form of waste which is non biodegradable is e-waste which is short for electrical and electronic equipments which are discarded and considered obsolete and waste substances. Since these substances are bio degradable, specific methods have to be formulated by civic authorities as to how to discard such forms of waste.

What is E-Waste Management Most of ewaste substances consist of appliances which use electricity which have reached the end of their life tenure. Such appliances include computers, refrigerators and other forms of consumer electronics. Many of such appliances retain some value even when they are discarded and may also be hazardous to health due to the various components of which they are made of. Many computers, LCD screens, cooling appliances, mobile phones may consist of precious metals, plastics which are flame retardant, may consist of CFC foam and other materials. Thus, effective e-waste management consists of removing the reusable materials from such appliances and safe dispersal of substances which can be hazardous to health if allowed to degrade in the environment.

E-waste management is a burning issue in many developing countries like India. While developed countries have established methods of collecting different forms of wastes, especially those recyclable and non-recyclable, e-waste management needs more established and elaborate means. In reality, most of discarded electronic appliances are collected and stored in warehouses since the methods of reusing them are yet to be defined and laid down. Ultimately, many such appliances find their way as junk and end up in landfills, mixed with household wastes. However, due to the complex substances that they are composed of, such ways of disposal can lead to high degree of contamination of the environment.

Many organizations are coming up such as E-Parisaraa in the outskirts of Bangalore which is an eco friendly initiative to collect such discarded electronic appliances and determine the methods of disposal of their component parts and reuse is possible.

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