Water Treatment Companies in India

On October 6, 2011, in Water Treatment, by Jitendra

Water treatment companies in India are several, giving the growing demand for the treatment of water for several purposes. Today not only do we need treated water for drinking purposes, even the effluents that come out of our wastes need to be treated to remove the pollutants which can harm our environment. Thus, water treatment plants are on the rise and each plant specializes in some form of technology or purification process as per the needs of the society.

There are various water treatment companies in India which use the reverse osmosis system to conduct water filtration. This is a process by which a membrane is placed to separate the various solvents from a solution. A semi permeable membrane is used to separate a dilute solution from a concentrated solution. Here the solvent crosses over from the dilute to the concentrated side to attempt an equalization of the concentrations. Here the flow of the solvent is prevented by the application of hydrostatic pressure in the opposite direction to that of the concentrated solution.

Water Treatment Companies in India Aqua Innovatives Solutions is one such company which specializes in water treatment in various parts of the country including Delhi, Ahmedabad, Surat, Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad. They manufacture different forms of water treatment chemicals for the effluent treatment, sewage treatment, chiller water treatment, traditional and novel oxygen scavengers.

Jai Sai Marketing or Kejal Technologies was founded in 1999 in Gujarat and since then they specialize in the manufacture of water treatment chemicals and solutions. They have in their portfolio of products boiler chemicals, reverse osmosis chemicals, cooling tower chemicals and so forth.

HiPure India is a leading company of the Wasser International group which is based in New Delhi. They specialize in different forms of water purification systems since 2002. They have RO systems for home use and have introduced different technologies offering low end to high end water purification systems.

Crystal Water in Mumbai is a company with a difference. They produce equipment parts and components which are related to water purification technologies. From pharma industries to dairy, food and beverages, they help such industries in establishing high purity water processing systems.

Doctor Water is another renowned brand in the country which specializes in different aspects of water treatment plants. They are based in Kolkata and are manufacturers as well as suppliers and exporters of mineral water plants, reverse osmosis systems, water softening plants, demineralization plants and so forth.

These are some of the various water treatment companies in India which specialize in different aspects of water treatment technologies.

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