Waste Management & Recycling

On August 4, 2010, in Waste Management, by Jitendra

Waste management is the gathering, transporting, processing or recycling of waste material. To understand waste management it is essential to first take an insight into the meaning of ‘waste’. Waste is a byproduct of human activity, it something which is not useful for consumption or usage anymore. Waste management is an important social and environmental responsibility which can be for solid, liquid, gaseous or radioactive substances. There is a different method for each one of it. Human developments are making an upward drift perennially. In this fast moving world man has no time to stop and think of repercussions of using synthetic chemical and radioactive substances. This is the era of environmental awareness and responsibility. We must keep in mind that we have not inherited earth from our ancestors, but have in reality borrowed it from our children. Thereby it is our responsibility to protect the environment from ecological hazards. Effective and optimal waste management constitutes an important part of this responsibility. A three step approach sounds most effective way of waste management.

Reduce: the most important way to manage is by reducing the waste. Avoiding heavy packaged products, paper plastics, and plastic silverware is required. Refusing bags while buying few items at the store is also a good practice. Reuse: this is another way of managing solid waste especially. Reuse items again and again until they are completely turned into waste, borrow items that you use rarely; donate old clothes to charitable organizations. Put up a sale of your old unused items. Recycle: it means creating something new out of old. Plastic bottles, paper bags and books, bottles and jars, aluminum and steel cans can all be recycled.

All it requires is an alert and responsive attitude towards environmental hazards, and a pledge to pass on this green earth as a better place than we found it to our successors.

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