Waste Management in Schools

On July 10, 2010, in Waste Management, by Jitendra

The proper management of waste is of paramount importance for both the individuals and companies. In most of the cities, everyday, there is generation of municipal solid waste of thousands of tonnes which get transported to the landfills. The schools, colleges and other Educational institutions also contribute to the city’s waste. The common practice is to dump the wastes into flowing rivers and water bodies. In the schools, there is considerable amount of horticultural waste is generated and canteen is among the main contributor of waste in schools. A large amount of plastic disposables are thrown into the water with the leftover food. It this negates the basic idea of resource recovery via the recycling of the wastes.

Waste Management in SchoolsIt is essential for the educational places to deal with the waste management and participate in the sustainable waste management. The schools should adopt various waste management programmers and move in tandem with the current trend of protecting environment. The school should take active participation in environmental activities like the rainwater harvesting, tree plantation, etc. Additionally, the school can also work on the spreading the knowledge about the waste management and disposal in the society in general. The schools can take up the waste management practices as a part of their agenda and prepare teacher and students alike to achieve the goal of a zero waste campus. Within the school campus, there are various areas where the bins can be kept for instilling the right practice of segregation in the students. Also, the compost pits can be created for the recycling of the biodegradable waste through composting.

There is mounting pressure on cities to properly manage the existing landfills as they are near to exhaustion and turn non-functional soon. Therefore it is our responsibility to find a way for reducing this pressure. By teaching the students about the waste management principles and procedures, schools can help in reducing this pressure on the cities. The various environmental programmers in schools helps in protecting the environment and contributes in making well-educated citizens of tomorrow that will safeguard the environment and do the proper waste management.

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