Waste Management In Apartments

On August 5, 2010, in Waste Management, by Jitendra

Population is growing due to urbanization. More the population more is the waste output. We as citizen should wake up & support waste management at least in our locality.

Some helpful ways for waste management in your locality

1)      Creating awareness: – we can organize awareness programs in our society…our apartments. We can educate people regarding the hazards of waste, disease caused due to waste. We can organize a cleanliness camp that spreads the message to reduce waste, install bins at regular distance.

2)      Segregation: – one of the most important steps in managing waste in apartments is proper segregation of waste. One should separate wet from dry wastes. Wet garbage such as fruit peels, felt over food, tea waste, and garden waste should have different color of the bin, while dry wastes like plastic, papers, etc should have another colored bin.

3)      Disposal of waste: – after segregating the garbage as wet & dry, they must be disposed correctly. Wet garbage like garden wastes, spoilt fruits, vegetables etc can be used as manures. How? It’s simple. Dig a compost pit in backyard &dump it. This is used a manure for gardening purpose or cultivating purpose. Or simple hand it to the garbage waste. Plastic bags, bottles, cans must be collected separately &given for recycling.

4)      Volunteering: – in the apartment, anyone can actively volunteer & organize waste management programs waste management.

5)      Reuse, reduce& recycle the products:-we can actively reduce the use of products that causes waste. Example: instead of using plastic bags we can use cloth bags. We must maximize the use of the things in order to reduce the waste. Example: a towel can be reused as cleaning rag. Increase the use of products that can be recycled. This reduces the use of new materials &thus minimizes the waste.

Let us eliminate the waste together, or else it will choke us. Waste is a problem but waste management is the solution. So let’s get started with waste management on our own &thus motivate others by our deeds.

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