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If we are talking about technologies in waste management, this industry has always been low in adapting new technologies in better collection and treatment of wastes. It is an area which is mostly government funded in most countries and there is a lack of attention provided to it by local as well as private players.

However, the time has come when the huge volumes of waste management and the pollution levels that it threatens to reach cannot be ignored any longer. The primitive methods of waste disposal in landfill areas or the incineration method is no longer sufficient to handle the different types of wastes that are being produced by advanced societies. Hence, careful planning and taking help of different technologies is imperative in helping to reduce the volume of wastes being generated, to educate the general public as well as treatment of wastes to reduce their potential to harm the environment and the health of humans or animals.

Technologies India, like other countries in the world, is one of the slower nations to wake up to the need of the hour regarding waste management. Today many private companies are offering waste treatment solutions and local authorities are taking the help of private players to help them effectively manage wastes. Organic Solutions is one such company which provides technologies to treat bio-degradable wastes in order to effectively claim back energy resources from such wastes.

They provide solutions such as sewage treatment, solid waste treatment, odor removal and sanitization methods and biological treatment solutions for wastes. Special strains of bacteria is used to treat wastes and to break them down into soil soluble nutrients, thus increasing the process of decomposition. This company also provided planning and design of water treatment facilities, monitoring operations, helping in waste treatment solutions and so forth.

Solid waste management is one of the most unplanned and primitive industry in the country. To handle the growing problem of solid waste management, a decomposition and power generation system is being devised for the different cities and towns of India. Such a unit needs to be placed at a collection point next to communities of 500 families. Such units should be able to automatically segregate the wastes into organic and inorganic matter. The organic matter can be used to generate 200 KWH of electrical power and the remains can be used as fertilizers. Such devices are the need of the hour since India still employs thousands of workers in garbage screening who manually screen through the garbage everyday, being exposed to various health risks.

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