Sewage Water Treatment

On October 19, 2011, in Water Treatment, by Jitendra

Sewage water treatment has come into vogue in different countries as most of them grapple with diminishing water sources, issues of polluted water being discharged from household and industrial wastes and so forth. Sewage water treatment is being done with different types of technologies in different countries including India.

Usually sewage water is collected in septic tanks, biofilters and through a network of pipes and pump stations to a municipal treatment plant. The local municipal authorities are usually entrusted with sewage water treatment responsibilities and they can accordingly allocate the work to private water treatment companies as well.

Sewage Water Treatment Sewage water treatment involves removing the various forms of contaminants which are to be found from both household and industrial sewage and effluents. The objective of such water treatment is to have discharged water which is environmentally safe and pollutant free. The water can then be reused for various purposes such as aqua culture, farming and so forth. In some countries like Singapore the advanced technology that is used to treat effluent water makes such water even fit for human consumption again.

There are usually three stages of treatment of sewage water. The primary stage involves holding the water in a basin to allow the heavy solids to settle at the bottom. The oil, grease and other lighter liquids are then discharged or collected for secondary treatment.

The secondary treatment involves removing dissolved and suspended biological matter. In this stage indigenous water borne microorganisms are used in a controlled way to treat the water. The third stage of treatment consists of physical and chemical disinfectants being used before the water is discharged into rivers, bays, lagoons, wetlands and for various irrigation purposes.

There are various companies which pioneer in waste water treatment in India. Sugam is one such company which specializes in sewage and waste water treatment. Located in Link Road near Mumbai, they manufacture different types of water treatment systems which sport advanced technologies in removing a wide range of contaminants from water and waste water sources.

Laharia Group is another private company located in New Delhi which specializes in different waste waster treatment technologies and plant equipments. They offer equipment for waste waster treatment plants, pumps and spare parts, pressure vessels, storage tanks, carbon and sand filters, basket screens, mixers, pipings and fittings of different kinds.

TCE or Tata Consulting Engineers Ltd. is a respected and well known name throughout the country which offers their engineering expertise for a wide range of industries including water treatment plants, waste water treatment, leak detection, rain water harvesting are some of their forte areas and they have performed such turnkey projects in all major cities and towns in India.

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