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On July 5, 2010, in Recycling, by Jitendra

In order to prepare glass for the recycling, you need to wash the glass thoroughly and properly discard all the metal caps and rings. You should keep the glass separated by colour. There are some class materials that should not be recycled and it includes glass tableware, mirrors, Pyrex, light bulbs, windows glass, as well as broken glass. You should recycle all white office paper, newspaper and mixed-colour paper. They all need to be separated by type and colour as per the community’s recycling program. The high-grade paper includes computer paper, ledger paper, tab cards, and copier paper.

Recycle at HomeIn order to recycle newsprint, you need to keep papers stacked in area that is safe from fire. You need to tie up the papers in stacks or bundle in the brown grocery bags. In general, the majority of the recycling programs do not allow the recycling of magazines, or envelopes with windows and

shipping envelopes. In order to recycle corrugated cardboard, you need to use a utility knife box cutter for cutting the box safely and flattening it for convenient storage and transport. By managing the organic material at home reduces the amount of materials that you need to send to landfill and also it helps in turning the organic waste into a usable asset.

By composting the bins, you can recycle their biodegradable food scraps and waste. For accelerating the composting process, the bins are designed with air vents. The compost bins are placed outside in the backyard or close to the garden. The compost improves the soil and creates a nourishing environment for the plants. It is recommended to keep your containers clean before recycling. In case you want to take your recyclables to a buyback center, then you can keep these recyclables separately so that you can drop them easily. It is also important that you get the thorough knowledge of disposing the unwanted medications, and hazardous household waste.

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