Methods of Solid Waste Disposal

On October 7, 2011, in Solid Waste Management, by Jitendra

How one is to go about waste disposal is something that most governments are trying to raise awareness about. Though collection, treatment of solid wastes has always been the duty of civic authorities, the amount of solid wastes in our societies and cities are growing at an alarming rate. To handle such volumes of solid wastes, there are various methods which are employed by the different governments across the world.

There are usually three main methods which are used for solid waste management – accumulating them in landfills, use of incinerators and reuse and recycle.

There are various agencies in the different countries such as the Environmental Protection Agency in the US which regulates and monitors how to solid waste disposal happens and helps promote reuse and recycling methods wherever feasible.

Methods of Solid Waste Disposal In many countries, citizens are encouraged to collect their own yard wastes like leaves and branches and use them as compost. This not only helps to enrich the layers of the soil but also keeps such solid wastes out of landfills. Organic matter such as dead plants lead to production of methane gas when accumulated in landfills and such gases contribute to the greenhouse effect. Thus, all garden and land owners are encouraged to devise ways to reuse their organic wastes of their yards as compost as much as possible.

Landfills are the main methods for waste disposal in all modern societies. These are designated areas of the government whereby solid wastes are accumulated but the land needs to be sanitized so that that pollutants cannot seep into the soil and water, air and cause damage to the environment.

Burning or incineration is another efficient method of waste disposal since it helps to reduce the staggering volume of trash which accumulates. However, many of the gases which are released into the air and the by products of many non degradable substances prove harmful to the environment and hence, scrubbers and filters are often used to prevent acidic gases from release and ash from escaping into the air. Many items are reused and recycled as incinerator fuel to burn down non recyclable materials.

Today, many communities are trying to spread awareness amongst citizens on the responsible ways of reducing waste and the importance of reuse and recycling. Reducing the use of plastic bags, opting for open air fresh produce in paper bags instead of packaged items, reducing use of paper and helping to promote initiatives which use recycled and reused materials in their manufacturing processes are some ways in which the society can help reduce solid waste from increasing in our communities.

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