You can take effective waste management steps for managing the solid waste while spending time away from the home in outdoor locations. While eating out in a fast food restaurant, you can choose the dish that has disposable plates and cutlery. When you are at gas station, you can enquire from the gas station operator regarding the motor oil. In case they throw away the motor oil, advise them to not do so as small quantity of it can contaminate million litres of water. You can take the used car batteries and motor oil and give them to authorities that can use these items for recycling. You should try to use those batteries that contain minimum amount of toxic metals like mercury and cadmium.

Solid Waste away From HomeWhen you are shopping at the supermarket, you should re-use plastic bags you have at home in place of purchasing the new ones. You should try to purchase the frequently used items like Baby food, bathing soap, etc in bulk so that you can take them in one package rather than single serving packages. If possible, you should avoid purchasing the items that are packaged in aerosol cans as they cannot be re-used or recycled. You should buy products in recyclable and refillable containers. If it is not needed, then avoid double wrapping a purchase.

When you are at office, you should draft letters and reports onto the computer and avoid usage of paper as far as possible. If it is not mandatory then try taking the photocopy on both sides of the paper. You should keep scrap paper by printers for printing draft copies of documents. You should reuse large envelopes and file folders by using new labels over the previous labels. You should try to circulate memos in place of duplicating them. When you are in garden, you should use kitchen scraps and waste for creating a compost heap. You should use plastic bottles for planters and encourage the use of organic control of pests as compared to using pesticides.

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