A Solid Waste comprises of the garbage, sludge or any other waste matter that is solid in nature. The process of the Solid Waste Management involves reducing, re-using and recycling of the waste products. We can contribute towards the solid waste management by bringing about small changes in our habits. In fact the solid waste management leads to improvement in the standard of living. To begin the process of solid management, we can start re-using Paper, Glass Bottles, Aluminium Wrapping, Organic Waste and plastics. The procedure involves the Precycling & Recycling processes. The precycling relates to the making purchasing decisions that lead to reducing of waste. However, the recycling on the other hand is the process of generating goods from waste products.

In order to do recycling, we should start collecting the recyclable items such as plastic bottles and metal cans. We should take proper purchasing decisions to buy reusable items. At home, you can use sheets of used writing paper for making a message pad. You can give newspapers to exporters. Alternatively, you can shred them for packing or for stuffing of other items. You can select cloth diapers over disposable ones and donate your already read magazines to a hospital, prison or children’s home. You should use re-usable containers when you go for picnics or road trips. You may also use the waste food as the fertilizer in your garden.

You need to purchase the item with least packaging and search for the ways for reducing the use of toxic cleaners around the house that contains harmful chemicals. You can use the plunger for cleaning your drain. You should clean spills as the oven cools by using the steel wool and baking soda. In case the stains are tough, you can add salt. For cleaning the glass, you can mix 1 tablespoon of lemon juice or vinegar in one quarter of water and then spray it and dry it with newspaper. You should use a toilet brush and baking soda or vinegar. For cleaning the moth balls, you can use

rosemary, mint, cedar chips, and lavender flowers.

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