Industrial Water Treatment

On October 5, 2011, in Water Treatment, by Jitendra

When we talk about industrial water treatment, this can vary greatly depending on the type of water treatment that industries require, the treatment of the waste waters generated from industries and so forth. There are dedicated water solution companies in India which cater to the various types of water treatment.

Usually, industrial water treatments are of the following categories – boiler water treatment, waste water treatment and cooling water treatment.

Industrial Water Treatment There are various industrial processes which require water in different forms – from heating, cooling, processing, cleaning, rinsing and operating, the needs of industries with respect to water are diverse. When water is treated poorly the surfaces of pipes and vessels can corrode and scale up from constant contact with water and the iron and other minerals which are contained in water.

Cooling towers which work with water all the time often scale up or corrode and when left untreated, bacterial growth is encouraged in the warm, dirty water in cooling towers. Legionnaire’s diseases is a common disease which occurs from infestations in industrial water.

Water treatment is also required for improving the quality of water which is required in manufacturing of various products from beverages, pharmaceuticals, and even semi conductors. The industrial water effluents when discharged untreated can cause high levels of toxicity and pollution in the environment which ultimately affects the life of animals and human beings.

There are several water treatment companies in India which specialize in industrial water treatment systems, components and in providing water purification processes to industries. Aquapuro Equipments Pvt. Ltd. is one such company based in Mumbai which specializes in products like carbon filters, reverse osmosis filters, RO systems, water treatment plants and so forth. There are some engineering companies which provide end to end engineering equipments to industries including water treatment plants and solution

s. Indo Asiatic Engineers Pvt Ltd is one such company which specializes in manufacturing material handling equipments, water treatment plants, heat furnaces, incinerators and so forth.

SAF Engineers in New Delhi is one such company which deals with various types of industrial water treatment equipments. Its product portfolio consists of ultra filtration systems, osmosis systems, membrane bio reactor systems, dissolved air flotation systems, ultra filtration systems and even concept design solutions for swimming pool construction and maintenance.

Tech Line Green Private Ltd in Bangalore specializes in waste water treatment plants, water treatment plants, sewage and effluent treatment systems and other forms of waste management solutions.

These are some of the several companies to be found in different parts of the country which specialize in industrial water treatment solutions.

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