Green Waste Management

On August 2, 2010, in Waste Management, by Jitendra

Green waste management is a term used to describe any environmentally friendly way of processing the products that has been discarded. In this waste management focus is generally on finding the ways that could help to reuse or recycle the discarded articles, so that they are not dumped in landfills. It also aims at disposing the toxic waste in such a way that it does not disturb the environment.

The key approach in green waste management is recycling. Here the sanitation workers collect wastes like plastic, paper products, glass, etc as a part of routine thrash removal. Even a common man can segregate the waste and dispose them in different coded bags provided by the authority. Products are recycled and we get a new product, thus the natural resources remain untapped. This reduces the pressure on the ecology as new resources are not explored. This in turn saves the natural resources from becoming scarce.

Green waste management varies from setting to setting. In medical waste management, paper gowns, rubber gloves, are recycled in to new products. The sludge got (after treating it) from the sewage disposal is used in biogas plant, oil companies have ties with textile manufactures that convert leftover sludge in to fiber used to make draperies. Old aluminum can be used for making batteries of laptop, old furniture can be reused, instead of wasting it, wood from old furniture can be reused for making the shelves etc. the waste like peels.

Vegetables, dead plants are reused making compost. Then this is dump into a pit dug. This is used as organic manure at home. So any old product used  for  anew purpose to create a new product, that keeps that waste material out of the landfill, helps in green waste management.

Thus green waste management is a boon to environment as it  uses the techniques that disposes the waste in eco friendly way.

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