Waste Management – Doing Recycle at Home 1

On July 7, 2010, in Recycling, by Jitendra

By doing recycling at home, you can contribute effectively towards the waste management. There are large numbers of recycling programs available that can be set up at home. Most of these accept specific types of plastics, paper, and glass. One of the benefits of using the recycling at home is that the set up and maintenance of your home recycling can be a done quickly and easily. You will need the few things in place prior to start recycling at home and it includes Sturdy plastic containers, Compost Bin, Trash Cans, Trash Bags, Utility Knife, Labels and Marker and a proper place to set up the recycling centre.

Recycle at Home The first step is to locate an area in the home, garage or apartment to set up your recycling centre. It need not be a large space and even a corner of the kitchen, spot in the garage can also work fine. You should use the sturdy containers for storing your recycled materials. You need to designate each container for one particular type of recyclable like you can label the bins by using labels and marker and classify them as newspaper, cardboard, plastic, and aluminium. In order to recycle tin or metal cans, you need to wash them and remove the labels. Moreover, you can also flatten the cans for the conservation of more space.

You can recycle aluminium by checking first that the cans are made up of aluminium. For that, you need to use a magnet as aluminium is not attracted to the magnet. You need to rinse the can and make it flat for saving the storage space. It is advised to keep the aluminium cans separately from other aluminium products. You should buy returnable or reusable bottles as far as possible.

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