The biohazard waste is basically a medically used waste that is contaminated with blood or other infectious materials. These bio hazard wastes are normally treated with autoclaved process. The sharps needles, syringes or other objects from research projects are deposited in biohazard waste disposal boxes. You need Red biohazard waste plastic bags and Red plastic-lined biohazard boxes for proper disposal of the biohazard waste. The first step includes the accumulation of the contaminated items. You can use a 10 percent bleach solution for the sterilization of the waste product before disposing it. You need to place the autoclaved items in the selected biohazard waste area. You can place the needles, disposable scalpels into this category or the sharps category.

Disposal of Biohazard WasteAfter the accumulation of the waste, you need to put biohazard waste products infected by bacteria or virus in a sealed medical waste box or red trash bag. You can set the biohazard bag in the pre-selected area for pick up and it includes tissue, bone fragments and blood samples. You can also place the sharp items such as blades, broken lab glass, and other dangerous objects, into a sharps container. You can also place it into a readymade medical waste box. You can label it and notify the janitor to pick up a biohazard waste box.

You need to add disposable padding to pharmaceuticals and chemicals that are used in the research and keep it in the red plastic lined box. Prior to the sealing of the biohazard bag, you need to label it with the contact person, contents, date, and location of origin information. You can discard the waste from various research projects in the biohazard waste disposal boxes that are red plastic-lined. You need to make sure that animal organs and body parts should be disposed of in such fashion once the research is over. You can check about the risk management for handling the liquids.

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